Dear Warriors of Light.

I am Lucky Bancho,a FinalFantasy XIV Player.I often publish The Lodestone unofficial census .
I am very grateful to those who translate and introduce my census.

This time I will announce "The Lodestone Achievement Survey".
The new survey needs a lot of explanations.So I am not good at English, but I would like to explain as much as possible in this post.

I can not explain the results as detailed as the Japanese version, but I would like to transmit the correct information about data as much as possible.

If you understand Japanese, it would be appreciated if you could supplement and explain the details in the English-speaking community.
About collecting achievement data
 Lodestone's achievement information is a detailed record of each character's play history, but it is information that can not be known from outside unless the default is closed and the player has made it "open" by his own intention.
Based on the character data surveyed 2019/2/10, this data was used to determine the characters that have published achievement information and additionally collected about achievement information.

Active character judgment follows the investigation result of 2019/2/10.

Publication status of achievement information
 In order to deduce the whole from achievement information, it is necessary to know how much the achievement information represents the whole.
So I investigated the status of achievement information disclosure for all characters.


The number of characters extracted is 2.64 million for Lodestone's character search, which excludes potential free trials (level 36 or higher or additional jobs).
Among them, 260,000 characters have published achievements. In other words, about 10% of the characters published achievement information.

The active character is 590,000. Among them, 85,000 have published achievement information, and 14.3% of active characters have published achievement information.

The achievement ratio of JP achievements and NA and EU differ greatly.So, it is necessary to divide and collect for investigation of the player trend.

Comparison of Mini On Mount Acquisition Rate and Achievement Acquisition Rate
 Since the achievement publication rate is 10%, it can not be simply thought that if you multiply it by 10 it will be the actual number of acquisitions.
Because achievements are not published at random but by the will of the player.

There is an achievement that can get reward minion mount and achievement in the same quest.
By comparing the difference between the actual acquisition rate and the acquisition rate among the achievement publishers, we think that it may be possible to estimate the actual acquisition rate even for achievements that Minion Mount does not have in the reward. 


Achievement rate achieved by almost everyone is the same as reward rate.
Acquisition rate of rare achievements is higher than reward acquisition rate.
This is because we are proud of our motivation for publishing achievements
The ratio is as follows

Number of acquisitions of rare achievements
 Let's look at the status of rare achievements with a small number of achievement recipients.

This rare achievement's ranking is a number among the achievement publishers, not the whole player.
There is one person who has achieved deep dungeon achievements in this ranking, but 14 people can be confirmed by checking with the red mage on the official site.
I wrote that the achievements of rare achievements tend to publish their achievements, but if the number is extremely small, then the trends are less reliant.

Rare achievements are often PvP related.The reason may be that there are few play population and many people have a limited period such as several people in one season

Number transition of The Baldesion Arsenal
 Achievement information can be used to obtain information on achievements and dates on which they were achieved.So we can know more about the clear status of the content.

As an example, I examined changes in the number of first-passers in The Baldesion Arsenal.

One thing I would like to note is that this graph is data for characters that publish achievement information, so it is not the total number of clearers. In terms of the total number of acquisitions of demyozuma described above, JP will be five times the number of achievement achievements and NA.EU will be about 2.5 times.

Information on the fastest achievements of an achievement can not be relied on as much as the number of acquisitions, as it will be easily closed if it is private and there is an earlier person.Let's introduce the clearest fast of each data center as reference information.

  1. Aether(NA) 2/15 8:31
  2. Gaia(JP) 2/16 6:26
  3. Primal(NA) 2/16 16:42
  4. Elemental(JP) 2/17 2:01
  5. Chaos(EU) 2/17 6:25
  6. Mana(JP) 2/18 5:45

Compare the difficulty of raid content
 By knowing the achievement date and time, you can get statistics on the number of days from release to clear of raid content.I used it to compare the difficulty of raid content.

The comparison of the difficulty level of raid contents uses the data of JP data center where the play environment was stable.

It took the number of days from implementation to the achievement 1st place that it took 42.2 days of the first raid Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 5.By the time of patch 2.1, the number of JP characters that were crossed was 2,124.

On the achievement 2013/10/5 23:56 is the fastest, but officially cleared clear of 10/26.

I think that there are times when I closed the Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 5 and fixed the bug, and the above numbers are probably clear that became the trigger, but I came out as a result of aggregation because I can not consider individual cases with my own information The numbers are listed.

The Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 9 was less than the parting edition which could be challenged from the release day, and the number of runs was 3,759 in 25.3 days.

The Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 13 has been significantly shortened to 5.3 days until the capture days, but it takes 14.3 days until the tenth place comes out.
In the feedback of this content is "not under adjustment? It seems that there was an opinion "I want more difficult raid because it is too easy."

In Alexander: Gordias (Savage) who follows it takes 34.3 days for the first crossing by the vicious DPS check which is symbolized by Faust of one layer and living kid of three layers.and the number of pedestrians in the patch was less than 1,104 and 1/3 of The Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 13.

Alexander: Midas (Savage) modified the road to ease the DPS check, and instead became a gimmick, but it is shorter than 21.4 days and The Binding Coil of Bahamut turn 13 until the first crossing, but results in making the number 971 of crossings in the patch and the wall of raid was.

Alexander (Savage) was 2.4 days before the first run, and the difficulty level dropped significantly to 5,822 in the patch.
Ultimately, the difficulty level of the eight-man raid series in FF14 has settled on this line that gives players who challenge the end content a sense of growth and capture while feeling crunchy.

So, comparing the difficulty level of 9 series of raid by numbers.


"Ultimate series" that was implemented from the liberator of the current expansion pack Gurren for the layer seeking higher difficulty content.

It is 11.2 days until the first crossing of The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate).I think this is the most difficult content at the moment.
The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate) is 8.1 days until the first crossing, and the number of crossings in the patch is 1,383.

The data of NA and EU are as follows.

Basic tendency is not different from JP.The number of achievements is JP with many raid capture population, and there are many places where the early days of capture are earlier in NA and EU.

The reason why the number of people who achieve Alphascape (Savage) is lower than JP is considered to be the influence of the deterioration of the playing environment in the DDoS attack.

The EU data center was originally in North America but was relocated to Europe in September 2015.

In JP and NA, compared with Alexander: Gordias (Savage)., Midas (Savage). has almost the same number of achievements.
In the EU, the number of achievements in Alexander: Midas (Savage) has increased compared toAlexander: Gordias (Savage).

It is interesting to see the historical circumstances and circumstances of each region.

Changes in the number of activities of characters
 In the Lodestone census, it is difficult to see the character's activity over time.However, achievement information is easy.
If the character has published achievement information, we can find out about the activity period of the character by simply comparing the oldest achievement with the newest achievement.

The player who stops immediately does not change the achievement settings to public. So we can squeeze to players who have committed to some degree.

The table below shows the number of days of activity from the newest to the oldest, converted to years, and how long they have been playing.


Most of them are less than a year, and so are about the same.It is evaluated that the player's metabolism is a component of good feeling.
The characters in the sixth and seventh years are legacy characters.Since the achievement feature was implemented in December 2011, the earliest achievement date will be there.

Next, I tabulated which graph the above players started and when they stopped last.
The aggregation unit is a quarter, and each quarter counts characters with one or more achievements at that time.

2019Q3 is all Dormant because there is no data after that.

The first thing to notice is the lack of legacy characters.I think that even if the legacy player who created  new character after ARR are excluded, but still there are few legacy characters.

At the end of the 2015 Q2 when Heavensword was released, it has been declining gradually since the expansion sale.
However, Stormblood has been released and the amount of activity has risen significantly.

There are more recent Domants than before. This is because it contains both Dormant and Retirement.
Many Dormants will be active again once the extension is released.

About the future
 I do not intend to continue this survey.That's because there is less information available for the cost of ongoing research.
I would like to continue creating content in a different form from the survey report.

Thank you for your reading.