I posted FFXIV achievement survey from the Lodestone about a year ago.
I said this in my arrticle.
I would like to continue creating content in a different form from the survey report.
The time has come to announce it.

FFXIV the Lodestone Jonathas Report


FFXIV the Lodestone Jonathas Report is a web tool  to get and analyze the achievement information of your character from the Lodestone.

The tool's name comes from the NPC who handing out achievement rewards at the Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania.
I think he would be very happy to know that this tool exists.

Here's what you can do with this tool.

The historical analysis of the adventure so far


From the first day of your first adventure to the latest achievements, graphs of your monthly achievements are available. You can also compare the patch release to the progress of your own main quest.
Create your own personalized chronology of achievements with a selection of distinctive events from the list of achievements!
The chronology will also contain spoilers for the main quest.

The playstyle analysis comparing achievement acquisition trends to the overall


The playstyle analysis aggregates the acquisition of achievements by category and analyzes which category has the most achievements compared to the overall average.
You can choose between Global, Regional (JP/NA/EU), and Data Center, and by default, the data center of the world the character is in is selected.
If you click on a sub-category, you can see the date of acquisition of achievements in that category, the overall acquisition rate for characters who have published their achievements, and the acquisition rate for those characters who were active in the most recent the Lodestone world survey.

The leveling analysis that shows the trajectory of character development


You can visualize your character's leveling history through the history of job and class leveling achievements. The table shows how many days it took for you to reach that level from the opening of the level cap by the expansion release, so you can look back at the order of the jobs you've developed.
Of course, there are battle jobs as well as crafter and gatherer.

Title analysis of rare achievements


 I thought it would be easy to see what the rare experiences are in my adventures, so I created the Rare Title Analysis.
If it's just a rare achievement, it'll be lined up with similar ones like 10 times clear, 30 times clear, etc., so it's limited to achievements that can be given a title.
In addition, in order to see which people have achieved more quickly than others, we have selected those achievements that have a high original score, multiplied by the overall achievement rate and early achievement rate.

You'll see up to 20 items from the highest scoring ones, but you can narrow it down by the category of achievements.

The High Difficulty Battle Analysis allows you to compare your record of defeating strong enemies with the overall record.


Only those achievements that have cleared high-difficulty battles such as Extream, Savage, and Ultimate series will be shown, including the overall achievement rate and the date of the earliest achievement to the public and how many days later.
This is the proof that you cleared a genuine high difficulty contender before the release of the patch.

I think this analysis will be interesting to those who challenge high difficulty content, but currently I can only analyze my own characters. Of course you can publish your own, but please don't ever force someone else to show you theirs.

How to analyze your own character

This site is not an official site, so you can't log in and authenticate.
Therefore, by having the confirmation key automatically issued by the Jonasus Report entered in the self-introduction field of my character's profile information, I am confirming that the target of the analysis is my character.


Only characters whose achievement information has been published can be analyzed. The tool will not be able to collect information even if it is published only to friends.
In Lodestone's Character Management, set the "Achievement Info" to "Public".


After setting up the Lodestone, we will import the data.
Enter the URL of your character page in the character URL to be analyzed.


It first loads the character information and achievement information. If you have been playing for a long time and have a lot of achievements, it will take a while to get them, but please be patient.
Legacy characters also read Legacy Era achievement information (Sixth Astral Era).

When it finishes loading, the analysis results will be displayed. Once the achievement information has been loaded, the character will be saved as a "saved character" in your browser's local information. If you want to see it again later, you can select "Saved Characters" to see the results without loading the data from Lodestone, and if you "Update" the character information, the achievement information will be loaded only for the difference.


How to share the Jonathas Report


If you create a link from the Create URL button for sharing and others open the page with that URL, the shared character will be analyzed and added to your "Saved Characters".
The expiration date of a shared URL is 7 days from the date of creation, but you can extend the expiration date of the data update by clicking the Create Shared URL button again.
Shared characters can't update their data on their own, but if the data in the shared link is new, it will be automatically reflected.

You can unshare at any time, and you can share again.

このツールは4月28日に公開したFF14 Lodestoneジョナサスレポートの英語版です。

そこで今回、英語版の作成にFF14での言語・文化交流コミュニティー活動をしているThe Odder Otterのメンバーに協力してもらいました。

現在もフランス語版、ドイツ語版の準備をしていますがもし、こういう翻訳が得意な方がいらっしゃったらご協力いただけると助かります。Luckly BanchoのTwitterまでお声かけください。


Any feedback on mistranslations or corrections to expressions would be greatly appreciated.
However, since I'm not a native speaker, I can't judge which one is the better one, so I don't think I can follow up in detail even if you give me your opinion.

[Update 2020/5/24]
The Français and Deutsch versions are now available.

Français version

Deutsch version