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    Equipment Dye
    Status Bare Status Equipment Materia Total
    number obtained
    acquisition rate
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    Top 5 Owned Rare Minions()

    icon minion Number of acquisitions acquisition rate
    number obtained
    acquisition rate
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    Top 5 Owned Rare Mounts()

    icon mount Number of acquisitions acquisition rate

    Achievement Info

    Character data status:
    Stats data last update:
    First Achievement Last Achievement Total Points Duration

    Achievement Timeline of
    acquisition achievement
    Year M/D Event
    • 2013
    • 2014
    • 2015
    • 2016
    • 2017
    • 2018
    • 2019
    • 2020
    • 2021
    • 2022
    • 2023
    • Jan.
    • Feb.
    • Mar.
    • Apr.
    • May
    • June
    • July
    • Aug.
    • Sep.
    • Oct.
    • Nov.
    • Dec.
    Target Period. Number of acquired Total Points Earned
    Date Category Achievement Point Rate Rate of Active

    Number of days from the opening of the level cap for a battle jobs to reaching the cap

    Role Tank DPS Healer
    Cap 90 -
    Cap 80 -
    Cap 70 - -
    Cap 60 - - - -
    Cap 50 - - - - - -

    Number of days from the opening of the level cap for a Crafter and Gatherer jobs to reaching the cap

    Type Crafter Gatherer
    Cap 90
    Cap 80
    Cap 70
    Cap 60
    Cap 50

    Rare Title Achievement

    Score Date Category Achievement Rate Rate of Active Early achievement upper

    First time clear achievement before the relaxation of high difficulty battles

    Score Achievement Rate Early achievement upper Earliest Relative Achievement Date

    Achievement category

    Category Num. Point Max Mean Ratio
    Date Achievement Point Rate Rate of Active Early achievement upper
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    You can create a URL to share report results

    People who have shared the URL will see the same results as the analysis they are now seeing.
    You can't see the shared URL after a week, but if you update the URL for sharing, it will be valid for another week.
    The shared party will not be able to update this character's data or achievement data.
    FFXIV the Lodestone Jonathas Report

    Follow your adventure from Achievement Info

    It captures the Lodestone's character achievement information and visualizes a variety of information.
    You can only visualize the character information that you manage.
    the Lodestone's character is identified by an auto-generated confirmation key in the self-introduction field.
    Enter the URL of your character's page to import the data from the Lodestone.

    When updating from character information, data can be updated even if there is no confirmation key in the self-introduction field at that point.

    Retrieval and analysis of achievement information

    Only characters whose achievement information is set to "Public" will be able to visualize their achievements.
    You can set your achievement information to "Public" in the Lodestone's Character Management.

    Visualize your character's achievement information in tables and graphs compared to the entire character whose achievements have been published. The comparison range can be switched between global, regional and data center. The default setting is the data center.

    The Legacy Achievement dates refer to the Sixth Astral Era of the former FFXIV. However, the earliest date is December 2011, when the achievement feature was released in the old FFXIV.

    Achievement Detail Description

    Click on the name of the achievement or the number associated with it to see more information about the achievement.
    • Number of Characters: The number of achievements of the character whose achievement information has been published in the specified comparison range.
    • Active Character Only: Of the above, this is the number of achieved characters who were active in the most recent the Lodestone census.
    • Earliest date: The achievement date of the earliest character whose achievement information is published in the specified comparison range.
    • Achievement Date: Your character's achievement date.
    • Highest rankTime series distribution: Estimates what position your character will be in overall when ordered by the earliest date of achievement for a given comparison range.

    Item Description[History]

    View your monthly achievement points and main quest progress from the start of the game to now, compared to the patch release.
    Click on the graph to see the achievements earned in the target period.
    Click on the legend below the graph to toggle the display content.
    Show your character's achievement chronology with the events in the main quest and the date of acquisition of the featured achievement.
    Acquisition achievements are shown for the year and month in which they were acquired.

    Item Description[Playstyle]

    The acquisition status of each category of achievement is shown in a table on the left and a radar chart on the right.
    Compare the acquisition achievement points to the overall average.
    The "Max" is the number of all the achievements in the category and the average is the average of the entire comparison range and shows the ratio to your points earned on the radar chart.
    Click on "Categories" to view the categories in detail. The sub-categories show a list of acquisition achievements.

    Item Description[Leveling]

    The table shows the level cap opening date (expansion release date), or how many days from your game start date you reached that level.
    Graph the leveling progress of each job (class) in terms of the date and time of acquisition of the achievement earned at each level 10.

    Item Description[Title]

    You can check the status of your title-earning achievements.
    It shows the achievement status of the specified comparison range and how many days have passed since the first achievers' achievement date that can be checked. It also shows the overall distribution of acquirers and an estimate of your character's rank within it.
    Up to 20th in order of highest unique score multiplied by the overall achievement rate and early achievement. These can be narrowed down by category.

    Item Description[Battle]

    Displays a list of the achievement status of the high difficulty battle contents of Extreme, Savage, and Ultimate.
    Extreme and Savage is only shown for clearing before relaxation.
    It shows the achievement of the specified comparison range, how many days after the fastest acquisition date you can see, and the estimated ranking among all acquirers.

    Sharing the results of analysis

    You can create a URL to share the results of your character's analysis and share it with others.
    The shared analysis is displayed at the other end and added to the list as a shared saved character.
    Shared saved characters can't be updated with data, but when you update the data, the analytics shown to them will also be updated.
    The shared character will also be removed from the other party's screen after the publication period has passed. You can cancel the sharing at any time during the public period, but it will take some time for the other party to see the results.


    Currently, only your character's data is eligible for analysis. You can also share the results with others.
    However, please do not force others to share the results of your analysis or use it in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
    We will consider expanding the scope of our analysis by looking at the load on the server and how users are using it.

    Related information

    Author: @LuckyBanchoFF14
    Image character:Jonathas
    Read the article when the tool was released here. For feedback or comments, please contact my Lodestone page.